Historically, there have been three major forms of socialism

by madhatterz, antarctica, Sunday, November 03, 2013, 10:07 (1478 days ago)

Historically, there have been three major forms of socialism : Free or libertarian socialism (Anarchism), Authoritarian socialism (Marxist communism), and Democratic socialism (electoral social democracy). The non anarchist's has echoed the Capitalist's portrayal of anarchism as an ideology of chaos and lunacy. But Anarchism has nothing in common with this image.
It is false and made up by its ideological opponents in the various schools of Marxism.

It is very diffiult for the Marxists to make an objective criticism of Anarchism as such, because by it's nature it undermines all the ideas that the Marxists believe.
If Marxism and Leninism, its variant which emerged during the Russian revolution, is held out to be the working class philosophy and the workers cannot owe their Liberation to anyone but the Communist Party, it is very hard to go back on it and say that the working class is not yet ready to get rid of authority over it. Lenin came up with the idea of an transitional state, which would wither away over time, to go along with Marx's dictatorship of the proletariat.

We expose this line as Counter-Revolutionary and sheer power-grabbing, and over 75 years of marxist practice has proven us right.

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