SOS Direct reply to Greek state's attack to occupied EMBROS

by Void Network-Athens Greece ⌂ @, Athens Greece, Wednesday, February 17, 2016, 13:16 (646 days ago)


More than 2500 people supported the great benefit concert of Void Network in Occupied Theater Embros in Athens, for the infrastructures of the Solidarity to the Refugees and Immigrants Movement in Exarchia and Lesbos island in 13/2/2016. Two days after the Greek state attacked to Embros cutting electricity. The assemblies of people are in daily base in defence to the occupation and we invite you all to support occupied theatre Embros in all possible ways. We Invite all those who comprehend the actions of Embros in cultural and political sphere as a part of the constant autonomous struggle for Free Space and Time, for a world without State and Fascism, all those who took part in all the solidarity events and hundreds of cultural and political actions/events in Embros for the last four and a half years, all those who believe that Embros is something worthwhile to fight for, honoring your own class consciousness and class solidarity, the struggles of our times and the coming community of Equality and Freedom of our own Future, not the future that is planned for all of us by the contemporary Totalitarianism all around the world!



Direct Reply of the Open Public Assembly of
Free Self-Organised Theater EMBROS

To the older event of the two actors being arrested in the early morning hours of October 30, 2103 on behalf of TAIPED* while they were rehearsing on the stage of the occupied Free Self-Organised Theatre “EMBROS” (tr. COME ALONG!), and to the more recent events regarding the Greek National Theatre’s Experimental Stage (censorship of the play “The Nash Equilibrium”) and the Spanish puppeteers who were jailed for “endorsing terrorism" (!), we can now add yesterday’s arbitrary, sudden and violent, new intervention in the “Embros” building: following the request of TAIPED, a state Electricity Company crew accompanied by police cut off the central electricity supply, forced the doors, took out the electric meters and cut all the wires, as if to confirm that Art is the first victim of illiberal times…
TAIPED cut out the power of “Embros” in order to “restore legality”…
But how can legality be restored by a Fund that can never be legitimised?
TAIPED’s acronym literally means: the Public Sector’s Private Assets Utilization Fund!
But there is no private asset of the Public sector…
The Public sector’s assets are public and belong to all of us!
TAIPED, based on Law 3896/2011 on which it was founded, sells off the public assets, even though they are named “private” (or its English title claims to “develop” them). Selling off public assets under pretence of collecting revenue for paying off debt is not a neutral act, it is hijacking.
The whole effort is concentrated on how to sell off the public assets to the sole benefit of speculators. Among the assets for sale one finds everything necessary for the existence and reconstruction of a country: seaports, airports, energy networks, places of historic memory, etc. In essence, TAIPED functions as a tool to repress and impoverish Greek society.
TAIPED cut out the power of “Embros”. But Art is never out of power. Art creates currents that intermingle, interrelate and join with social movements.
“Embros” is an important node of all these currents for the last 4.5 years, and will continue to be so with the same and even bigger momentum, no matter how much this annoys certain people.
Yesterday’s scheduled performance took place regularly thanks to the support of neighbours and solidaries, and so will the next ones. The people’s reaction was immediate.
This is a call to all people to express solidarity all around the world. We call people to participate in emergency meeting tonight 17/2 at 18.00. We also ask for their continuous presence and support of all events organised in “Embros” on a daily basis, and for them to attend the open assembly on Sunday where we will discuss further actions to defend the occupied theatre.

Open Public Assembly of
Free Self-Organised Theatre EMBROS


*TAIPED, the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (HRADF) was established on 1st July 2011 (L. 3986/2011), under the medium-term fiscal strategy. The new law aimed to restrict governmental intervention in the privatisation process, and its further development within a fully professional context. (from its website)

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