by All Bosses Are Bitches, Wednesday, December 04, 2013, 18:10 (1447 days ago)

Blockupy protest.

The 'organisation' of such a protest should not be really needed I think, since people can start, should start whenever they want themselves, i every location in the world, not waiting on some signal, a date given by others or such.
All it needs is devoted people from all over the world, that don't care anymore for the media blabla and the masses not there helping them.

Like Occupy or IdleNoMore the message was/is very simple, as it was from the start: Occupy in your own way, by your own voice, what you feel is needed.
But still, most people can't even find themselves the time to participate if they wanted. Being occupied themselves with bills and blisters.

So do these things for yourself to begin with, because you feel the need yourself.
Don't count on a big back up with support, and if many others do join in, that's ofcourse always welcome.
It doesn't always take a big crowd to go block something, and so what if the press doesn't write about it, (they hardly write anything good anyway) or that there is no mass attention/support for the action(s).

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