Court on Rishi's death.

by Aline, Monday, December 23, 2013, 19:17 (1432 days ago)

Dutch Court/(their law) decided today that the cop who shot Rishi goes free.
A shooting that sadly killed Rishi, (a Dutch boy) on a local Train station for running away from the police.
The argument to shoot was that he might had a weapon/was dangerous and that was acting agressive already on the train station before the cops showed up.
But Rishi was not armed or reaching for his gun later on became clear, making it another sad and violent tragedy performed by the 'law'.

I must honestly say, I don;t know much about Rishi, what he was like as a person etc. so I won't (and can't) say much about that.
But Rishi was in the end just another youngster and I feel this could be anybody, like in many cases (or the T. Martin case we last witnessed sadly in the US.)

As so often, 'mistakes','bad judgements or behaviour' is only aknowledged or punished by the injustice system(s) when it is done by 'common people'.

Sadly nothing, no punishment on the cop who shot, will bring back the live of Rishi or the lives of all those people, the many youngsters that refused to always walk the path paved by authorities.
Who should not be punished by violence or whatever kind of opression, authorities, laws, bosses, cops, judges etc.. but probably rather need a helping hand, a chance in life or just some love and attention.
Not a chase into death.

IMO of all them.

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