55 Years In Prison For Marijuana

by Anonymous, Sunday, December 29, 2013, 15:58 (1422 days ago)

Weldon Angelos is a talented musician, producer, and loving father. But for the past ten years, his sister Lisa tells us, Weldon’s children have been forced to grow up without their father. Why? It’s all because he has been forced to serves a mandatory 55 year sentence in prison. His crime? Marijuana.


Yes, that’s right, he is in prison for 55 years all for nothing more than a plant. Regardless of what you think about marijuana, no one in their right mind can say that they believe this is a fair sentence. Lisa Angelos reports the following:

Weldon’s judge wanted to sentence him to just one day in prison for three small-time marijuana sales, but because an informant testified that he saw a gun, which wasn’t used or displayed, federal law forced him to issue a mandatory minimum 55 year sentence. The judge called it “unjust, cruel, and irrational.” But he had no choice.

Now Lisa is demanding that President Obama grant her brother clemency. She argues that her brother, “made the mistake of selling marijuana and deserves to serve some time, but his sentence is longer than those imposed for three aircraft hijackings, three second-degree murders, three kidnappings, and three rapes. Now, significant public support for the President to pardon him is the only chance Weldon has of getting out of prison before he’s 70 years old.”

Join thousands of others who have signed Lisa’s petition demanding that federal Pardon Attorney Rodgers approve the request of Weldon’s judge and recommend his clemency request to President Obama.

This nonsense has gone on long enough: SPREAD THE WORD and sign the petition!

Marijuana is legal as nature is.

by Jah said so, Monday, December 30, 2013, 11:09 (1421 days ago) @ Anonymous

A site/community network that would surely help to spread this info and petition is called: CHANGE.org.

(having many more petitions on injustice like this)
It is possible to ad your petition there yourself, the initiative has many followers, mainly from the US.

Ofcourse signing pets is not my fav thing to do, and often I don't believe in it.
But matters like this need some attention, because how we tolerate that a state uses a hateful law (opressed, never chosen) against people that should NOT even have to ask for their right' to smoke or grow some pot.
Nobody's business.

Pot/Marijuana has been legal' since the plant was presnet on Earth.
Nobody has the rights on them, not even Monsanto.

Smoke out all opression-long live liberty for All.

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