Selfish sukkazzz

by Siouxs, Sunday, February 02, 2014, 14:15 (1391 days ago)

I believe on of the biggest problems with creating a 'full anarchist world' is the often so selfish behaviour of mankind in general. (next to being dumb:)
The selfish are probably the greatest and everlasting enemy of anarchism/ Anarchy and of all free minded, good willing individuals.

They create misery, the behave a-social in all ways: all those who exclude others or have any function that gives them such power.
All those that give commands to others, all bosses in all ways.
The 'selfish' also give 'Authority' it's biggest triumph, which is the idea that we need laws, governments, bosses etc. Because otherwise the selfish would opress the common people.
They are however often the same people, the same kind; the 'authorities' and the 'selfish'. Not only those in charge right now, but ofcourse also many of the common working class people that would like to be rulers.(but luckiliy don't have such position)

Our believe that capitalism is even driving, pushing this whole selfish and greedy behaviour, a lust for power, money or status even further is very much true.
But it is also probably an utopia to believe that selfish behaviour will fully dissapear within (a global) Anarchy.
The peaceful social-Anarchy we dream of, where people can fully determine and develope in liberty their own destiny, ways, believes and lives.
To many people 'anarchism' doesn't give them any solutions (which is also kind of impossible to do) or a believe that Anarchy will not result in a new opression.
They rightfully are aware of the many selfish people amongst us who will not care a damn for solidarity, others or honesty. Anarchists need in some way to deal, give the answers to questions like that..not always by giving a 'perfect solid solution', which there is not always one.
Otherwise most people will hold on to the old ways and keep on voting into the grey.
They will fear the selfish and not believe Anarchy can solve those matters of injustice properly. (but can any 'way' always do that is the question?)
Anarchists simply believe all matters are different, all people are, and there for 'one law' would never do or work well for all people.
The rule of the majority (or fake 'democracy', just as the illusion of any 'good dictator' or regime) is insanity as well btw.

The selfish will not go away, they will always excist.
Just look around you at the status seeking yuppies sukkaz or the coke sniffin ignorant working class slaves droppin their Macdaddie Happy meal bag out of their car into the green as being the Burger Kings as they are. They are everywhere and many indeed partly 'created' by the system we live in.

So Anarchism is not only some 'idealism', but a reality worth fighting for.
A reality since mankind could think.
Because it truly stands against the selfish in 'all ways'.
For yourself to begin with, not for others. (be selfish too, but in a good way!)
Anarchy is the never ending strife for freedom and equality, against the hateful and violent ways of the greedy, against the grey and emptyness of all sort of opressors.
It is an endless fight against all opressive powers and people, and the trademark of those people and maffia is always been the same, called; 'selfish"

(-It is mostly the selfish who make us believe we need the selfish)


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